Born in Osaka JAPAN




1998 ”The month of photography,” Osaka, Japan

1998 ”The month of photography Kyoto,” Osaka, Japan

1998 ”Selections the from collection,”  Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Yamanashi,Japan

2003 ”TPCC Challenge Selected exhibition,” Tokyo Photo Culture Museum, Tokyo, Japan

2003 “Ninos,” Gallery 308, Osaka, Japan

2003 “Ninos,” Nikon Salon, Tokyo, Japan

2003 “Ninos,”  Gallery SEN, Osaka, Japan

2004 “From the collection : Club Paradiso Enjoying photos,” Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Yamanashi Japan

2003 “La Nature” Seian University of Art and Design Gallery Art site, Kyoto,Japan

2003 ”A+L Project  The style of photography,” Doshisha University Meitokukan, Kyouto, Japan

2003 “Light and shadow,” Gallery ississ, Kyoto Japan

2003 “Hundred photo exhibition,” Gallery ississ, KyotoJapan

2003 “Animals,” Gallery ississ, Kyoto Japan

2007 ”Another mirror~Art crossing~,” Kyoto International House, Kyoto Japan

2007 “Art by photography++++,” Galleria finale viewing room, Nagoya Japan

2007 “Eyes,” Gallery illum, Soul Korea

2008 “Bravo Beijing Olympic Free Tibet,” ARTBIT GALLERY, Soul Korea

2008 “Find the world’s Da Vinci!,” Parks Hall, Osaka Japan

2008 “Inkjet paper potential,” Gallery Nadar, Osaka Japan

2008 “Cabinet library Vol.1,” Port Gallery T,Osaka Japan

2008 “Oriental Contemporary Art Exhibition,” Completion of the Moon River Road, Beijing China

2009 “Suface of window/Slow & Tense atmosphere,”  Kyoto International House, Kyoto Japan

2008 ”The easten present age art exhibition,” Beijing China

2009 “ZEN,” Gallery Cantermo, NY USA

2010 “Primal Mement,” Photo Gallery International, Tokyo Japan

2010 “Door to Door 2010,” Port Gallery T, Osaka Japan

2010 “JPADS・Photography show,” Photo Classic, Tokyo Japan

2010 “Art&Eco Matching project Global environment and art,” Gallery YADA Nagoya Japan

2010 “Window surface Slow & Tens Atmosphere,”Soul Korea

2010 “Vermont Art Festival,” USA

2010 “Miller montage,” Belgium Brandle Center, Osaka Japan

2010 “art-fair art KARLSRUHE,” Galerie pack of patches, Germany

2010 “On the Planet Vande Nagoya Art Exhibition,” Gallery YADA, Nagoya Japan

2011 “World@Young Portfolio,” Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Art,Yamanashi Japan

2012 “Japanese contemporary photographer exhibition,” GuCang Modern Art Gallery,  Lanzhou China

2012 “Aftermath of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami exhibition,” Poland

2013 “FOREIGN AFFAIRS,” Hampden Gallery, USA Massachusetts

2014 “The second Beijing International photography week,” Beijin China

2014 “Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Art Memory of the 20th anniversary The origin, Forever,” Tokyo photograph Museum, Tokyo Japan

2015 “TRANKY,”  CANSON Gallery, Seoul Korea

2016 “Suwon international photo festival,” Suwon Korea

2017 “Suwon international photo festival,” Suwon Korea

2018 “Shitsurai exhibition KYOTOGRAPHIE Puls,” Gallery Terminal, Kyoto Japan

2019 “Global Art Festival,” India

2020 “20th anniversary SPA,” Gallery SPA , USA Vermont

2020“New Japanese Horizon,” WAH Center , USA New York



“Art Festival,”

“Global Art Festival,” India

“Pyeong Chang Biennale,” Korea

“Dali International Photography Exhibition,” China

“Art Basel,” Switzerland


“Taipei Photo Festival,” Taipei

“Vermond Art Festival,” USA

“Chicago Art Festival,” USA

“Seoul Photo,” Korea

“Arles Photo Festival,” France

“Paris Art Fair,” France

“Shanghai Art Fair,” China

“Suwon international photo festival,” Suwon Korea



“Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts,” JAPAN

“The easten present age art exhibition,” China Beiging

“Global Art Festival,” India

“WAH Center” , USA New York